hqdefault 1 - From €8 to €110 at Roulette

x10 times your starting balance using RouleGENIUS Predictor

One more video proof of winning 10 times your starting balance, so from only 8 EUR we reached 110 eur in less than 15 minutes.

Most of times, it is not easy to watch on predictions and make bets, that’s why we often use RouleGENIUS on MOBILE, so that could get a faster play.

Even if in the next video the predictions of ROuleGENIUS are not visible (because we used software on mobile), you can trust us that we don’t bet on casual numbers. To proof that -- you can try to bet on 10 casual numbers -- and you will see that you will get NO winnings. But we did not bet on “casula numbers”, we bet on RouleGENIUS Predictions -- and that’s why we reached 10x times our starting balance.

Here is video:

From €8 to €110 using GENIUS roulette software predictions (REAL money)

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