#0 Configuration Layout of RouleGENIUS Software

The configuration panel of RouleGENIUS is dived in 3 parts: FREE Trial Part, dedicated to new users, RouleGENIUS databases part, the section where you set databases taken from RouleGENIUS databases, Upload OWN database part, which offers the opportunity to upload your own database.

By clicking on each of button – the panel will update automatically. To save configuration just click on SAVE Button.

IMPORTANT: If you are NOT logged in with a valid RouleGENIUS license, you will not see the panel option and switch between them. So in order to make any configuration, you need a license to access the software.

If you try to log into your account, with your personal license and don’t set any configuration, RouleGENIUS software will NOT give any prediction and will advise configuring software first.

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IMPORTANT: If you set a casual configuration, it will be a wrong one and as a result, you will get wrong predictions. So pay attention: it is very important to set the right name of the roulette you’re playing on and the right roulette platform.

How to choose the right configuration can be visible in the next video tutorials. The links can be seen below:

#1 Configuration: Roulette Name and Roulette Platform

#2 Configuration: How to set prediction amount option?

#3 Configuration: the type of bet and the hot wheel predictor

#4 Configuration: How to create the OWN Database list?

#5 Configuration: Automatic Regeneration Database

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