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How to Create OWN DATABASE? 

RouleGENIUS | How to Create OWN DATABASE? (configuration)

RouleGENIUS – the best 2019 roulette software offers predictions basing on it own databases or on a database that you can create and upload into software. Today we will see an example how to create a database if you can’t find your roulette platform into the software or if you generally don’t know what is the platform.

Into the example you can see Red Tiger Platform. Trying to go into RouleGENIUS configuration panel, as name you can find the European Roulette, but as platform, if you check carefully the list, there is NO Red Tiger Platform, which means we didn’t add any database about, so you will have to switch configuration to upload own database section, create your own database and then upload it into software.

The procedure is very easy. First of all give a look to a database example: it is a list of numbers, written into a column. All these numbers must be taken from your specific roulette, and written in the same order as they come out. So you will have create a database list, search for it into your pc, upload into software and then enjoy winnings.

To create your own database list you need to create a text document, so right click on desktop view, select new voice, and text document. Once it is created – give a specific name like roulette name and it own platform, so that identify it easier. Open the file and let start making some spins so that you see how you should write numbers into database.
First number is 17 black, so we will write 17 into the list. Then, the second number is 1 red, so in a new line we will add 1. The Third number is 35, so add it in new line, and so on, until you don’t reach up about 600 numbers.

As you can see here I have written about 600 numbers, each one into a new line, without any punctuation mark, like comma or dot. Now you can save your database and let try to upload it into software. Go into configuration panel, and under the section upload own database, you should click on choose file button, so that select it from your own pc, in my case it is on desktop, and then click on Upload button in order to add it into software. Please observe that software shows you how many numbers has been added into database, so if there are less numbers than into your file -that means you’ve some errors into database list.
Once it is upload, you can save configuration and start betting. To get predictions you need to click on a number. Seeing that there are too many hot numbers, you can select, from configuration panel, to get a fixed number of prediction, the one with highest percentage of winning.

Let try out our uploaded database by making some spins and see winning results. First number is 19 red, so let click on 19 on RouleGENIUS table. Let see which is the next winning number, and check if RouleGENIUS predicted it. Second winning number is 1 red, as you can see – RouleGENIUS predicted it, so we got one winning prediction. Of course we set to have about 18 numbers, let choose a lower value, like get only 10 predictions, the hottest one. By clicking on the last number which was 1, I got now only 10 hot predictions. Let spin and see if software predict correctly the next winning number.
As you can see, the winning number is 32 red, and RouleGENIUS – not only predicted to bet on it as single number, but also predicted to bet on the third dozen; second line; even; and red number; so even if you didn’t bet on a single number and bet on any outside bet – you would get a winning anyway! Amazing isn’t it?

RouleGENIUS – now is your time to WIN!

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