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Would you like to get our RouleGENIUS software but you are not sure if it does work? Don’t worry about – RouleGENIUS guarantee 100% REFUND if software is NOT working! 

Our software is based on a simple condition: it gives no more than 4 consecutive losing spins – which means if you apply all our 25 SECRETS TO WIN and set the RIGHT CONFIGURATION to play – after every 5 spins you will have at least 1 WINNING (so if you have experience you can use Martingale system). Are there 5 consecutive losing spins? WE OFFER YOU 100% CASHBACK! There is irrelevant how much you bet ( €0.1, €0.5, €, €5, €10 etc) 


Terms and conditions:

1. To receive 100% cashback you need to proof  that you had lost more than 4 consecutive spins. So you have to record your screen while you are playing. Once you have a video proof send them to us and RouleGENIUS Team will REFUND 100% of  your purchase! 

2. Video with SPINS WITHOUT BETTING will be rejected from this promotion (because the results of roulette depends on your coverage – so RouleGENIUS Software takes it in consideration).

3. Video with NO REAL MONEY – will be rejected from this promotion (our databases are taken in REAL play – no fun/game bonus money, so all our predictions are only playing with real money)

4. Video which don’t respect RIGHT CONFIGURATION to play (using our RouleGENIUS Software)  and at least one of our 25 SECRETS TO WIN – will be rejected from this promotion.

5. Video must be recorded on a SSL CERTIFICATED CASINO (not gambling platform) and the roulette has been certificated by a real platform.  Any video proof recorded on a fake casino or fake platform will be rejected from this promotion.

6. You must show into video the configuration you set for the roulette where are you playing on. The value of “how many predictions” software have to show you  – must rest BLANK (empty – NO value)! If you set a fixed value (like 10 or 15 ) – your video proof will be rejected from actual promotion.

7. You have up to 30 days since you have got the software to send the video to us. Any video sent to our support after more than 30 days of  purchase will be rejected from this promotion. 

Send video at EMAIL: or LIVE Chat Assistance.


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