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Buy NOW RouleGENIUS Packages

Buy NOW RouleGENIUS Packages

RouleGENIUS Roulette Software Packages

PREMIUM package

1 Month Access
  • Personalized License for 1 Month
  • Pdf Guide about configuration
  • 25 Secrets to Win at roulette
  • 5 Updates included
  • maximum 1 Devices Access
  • 74.9% accuracy of winning
  • Guaranteed max 5 losses in a row
  • Email + Live Chat Assistance

ELITE package

1 Year Access
  • Personalized License for 1 Year
  • Pdf and Video Guide
  • 25 Secrets to Win at roulette
  • 20 Updates included
  • maximum 3 Devices Access
  • 87.1% Accuracy of Winning
  • Guaranteed max 4 losses in a row
  • Email + Live Chat Assistance

VIP package

  • Personalized license Unlimited Access
  • Pdf Guide about configuration
  • 25 Secrets to Win at roulette
  • Unlimited Updates included
  • Unlimited Devices Access
  • 94.7% accuracy of winning
  • Guaranteed max 3 losses in a row
  • Email, Live Chat and Skype

Details about the features included in the packages above:

  • Secrets to WIN: list of secrets/advises/rules written by RouleGENIUS Team (basing on hundreds of statistics and experiments) in order to increase your percentage of winning at roulette while using the software predictor. The list contains “25 secrets to WIN” at roulette (1 Week package includes access to only 10 of them), and most common of them reveal details about how much to bet, how often to play, when is the right moment to leave the roulette in order to reduce losses, when during the day/week you will have a higher percentage of winning at roulette, how to detect a losing spin and skip it etc. More about – on the special page: “25 SECRETS TO WIN AT ROULETTE”
  • REFUND: Once you purchase a package – you have a limited period to ask for a refund (example 1 Month package includes 7 days, while Lifetime Package includes 30 days). RouleGENIUS offers 100% money back GUARANTEED if you get MORE than 4 LOSSES in a row (you will have just to send us proof about to get money back).
  • DEVICE ACCESS: RouleGENIUS roulette predictor is a UNIVERSAL software that offers access to the software from ANY device: mobile, tablet, iPad, laptop, PC. The number of devices is limited based on package type (1-Week includes only 1 device while LIFETIME Package includes Unlimited devices).
  • Software UPDATES: RouleGENIUS has various AUTOMATIC tools that collect numbers and update our DATABASES so that CLIENTS get daily FRESH and UPDATED predictions (that offers a high percentage of winning at roulette). The number of updates we make depends on the package type (1-Month package includes only 3 Updates while LIFETIME package – includes UNLIMITED updates).
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