control yourself roulegenius - Control yourself or avoid playing at roulette

Control yourself or avoid playing at roulette

Some people were born for the game

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It is true that some people are just naturally better at math or spatial analysis than others. For winning at roulette or at any gambling game you need CONTROL ON YOURSELF. If you can’t control yourself (stoping at a specific moment, leave roulette at the moment you just think about without fooling your brain with the phrase “one more spin”) then we hardly advice to NOT PLAY ANY GAMBLING GAME. It is one of our 25 secrets to WIN that you have to follow and play, so if you don’t have enough control on yourself – better to find a different way for winning money.

However, have you ever stopped to think that gambling is more about the bettor’s intuition and other related skills? Precognition is not as “out-there” as you might thing, considering the nature of sub-atomic physics. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of luck and not anything related to being better at math or any other related skills.

Some people have even been able to detect bias in the roulette wheels as they play. You don’t need to be overly clever, but you need to properly understand and apply techniques. What separates one player from another is many players tend to be lazy, and unsuited to hard work at the table.

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Be consistent

If your system doesn’t win with bets of the same size, it will eventually fail if you use betting progressions.

Even if your strategy isn’t effective, pick a specific amount that you will stick to on every spin – unless randomly changing bet size for fun is your thing. The amount should be ample enough to make every win worthwhile and small enough to make every loss negligible. After deciding on the amount, the next thing to do is pick the bets which represent the betting amount you are willing to take. Sticking to your chosen strategy will help you identify when you are faced with the worst case scenarios. Don’t forget to consider the odds and the difference in payout.

Taking the table limit into consideration when picking the minimum or maximum

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As an online roulette gambler, it helps to understand there are table betting limits, especially if you use a betting progression. The minimum is the minimum amount a player can place on each single roulette wheel spin, while the maximum is the highest amount the player can place. The limits are different for inside and outside bets. If you place all the money that you have in a short time, then there’s a chance you will be going home rather soon. In riskier cases, you find players who risk and opt to bet the table limit each time. However, this takes a lot of courage, a serious amount of faith, a lot of stupidity, and deep pockets to land you some random good fortunes. In such a case, let’s hope that you are into the game for the fun of it and not using your mortgage payment. But still, one fact is true; if your system’s bet selection is inaccurate, your chance of winning hasn’t changed. You may as well make random bets.

Online RNG operates differently from physical wheels

Online roulette games often rely on random number generators that determine the winning number. However, there is one thing that these online simulations do not include; that is the wear and tear of the wheel. Online roulette games that use RNG are like a perfectly random roulette wheel, so bias analysis is impossible. Basically you can beat real wheels, but not RNG. RNG is not roulette – it is a slot machine. That’s not to say you need wheel bias to win. Although it certainly makes winning easier.

Final thoughts

It is no doubt that online and offline roulette are fun and exciting games to play. Plus, it gets even better when you win. But even so, the takeaway in this scenario is that you shouldn’t always put your hopes in a system to play in your favor. If playing for fun is your goal, practice good money management and work on setting limits on your play. Then can you enjoy playing this game without going broke.

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