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Big winning at roulette and withdrawal proofs

During the next video we tried to proof that RouleGENIUS roulette software, the best 2019 roulette predictor, works not only on casinos, but also on social gambling platforms (like www.royalbetwin.com ).

There is a big difference between a casino and a social gambling platform, but that doesn’t mean that RouleGENIUS can’t beat both of them -- in fact our team made a video demonstration about winning €780 in less than 7 minutes.

Of course, as you will be able to see into video, to win at a social gambling platform -- you MUST apply our “25 secrets to WIN” -- in fact, one of them says that “MORE TIME YOU PLAY -- LESS % OF WINNING YOU HAVE!”. We proofed that again into the next video where is visible that after 7 minutes of playing -- you get only losses, or better -- you get more losses than winning (there no matter what you bet on).

Here is video:

Roulette Strategy + WIN AT ROULETTE + Withdrawal Proofs

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