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The EXACTLY option from configuration panel is an OPTIONAL setting that offers the possibility to set a FIXED number of best that the software has to show you.

Example: If you set 12 as EXACTLY Setting, everytime you will ask software to give predictions – it will show you exactly 12 numbers to bet. If you set 15, you will receive exactly 15 numbers to bet etc

When you launch your playing roulette – during “loading time” you should see which company created that roulette, which is nothing else that your PLATFORM NAME. In case you can’t find the PLATFORM name of your playing roulette, then choose OTHER (last option from the list) or play on a different roulette.

NO. You shouldn’t have a database list for using RouleGENIUS. You can use first configuration option which is “Use RouleGENIUS Database” for getting predictions. The second option – about uploading a database is in case you want to get higher % of winning.


Each roulette has into it algorithm pieces of codes that can detect in case you double and use martingale system or to detect if you used a specific roulette bot that gives predictions. If roulette detect a such case – it let you have only LOSSES. For that reason we added up to 3 protection levels implemented into our RouleGENIUS Software to don't let the roulette you play on detect that you are using a software – in this way you are protected and have HIGHER % of winning. 

Yes, you can, only if you got ELITE Package. Once you got it, just contact our assistance ( LIVE or email: support@roulegenius.com) and one of our assistant will help you through team viewer to fix any problem or will show how you've to use RouleGENIUS Software and get winnings. 

Yes, our RouleGENIUS Roulette software guarantee NO MORE than 4 consecutive losing spins in case you use software correctly and respect all our 25 secrets to WIN. If you got more than 4 consecutive losing spins -you'll receive 100% money back. 

In order to try our free trial you've to download our software and unzip it first to start. For unziping you can use WINRAR or 7ZIP (both you can find for free on google). In case you try to unzip and got an error – it's fault of your “unzipping” program, so just uninstall it and download again from google.

In case problem is not fixed – contact our assistance support@roulegenius.com 



Here is the official page of tutorials: https://www.roulegenius.com/video-tutorial/

Here is our youtube channel link: YOUTUBE

Yes, we offer 3 FREE TRIALS, each one of 10 minutes. Our FREE Trials offer you full access to the software, the only limited thing is the TIME. More details on this video:   How to download RouleGENIUS 3 FREE TRIALS

Every client can take advantage of only 3 FREE Trials.

N.B: FREE Trial available only for Windows system (no android app or Online version)

RouleGENIUS Software works on ANY roulette, including RNG (random number generate) and LIVE Roulette. All you need is to SET from the CONFIGURATION panel of the RouleGENIUS Software the NAME OF YOUR ROULETTE.

The software has implemented into database 300+ LISTS OF 450 NUMBERS taken from various roulette. When you set from CONFIGURATION Panel the NAME of your roulette and it’s PLATFORM – software check for it into database and then gives predictions based on that list of numbers.

RouleGENIUS Software can be accessed by ANY DEVICES (mobile, tablet, Ipad, laptop, PC etc). There are 3 software versions:

1. WINDOWS (you have to download software and install on your windows system)

2. ANDROID ( you can download app from Play Store and use it on your android devices)

3. ONLINE (web version – can be accessed by any device that has Internet connection)


RouleGENIUS Software is a roulette software that gives predictions to bet.  It’s predictions are based on a list of numbers occurred at a specific roulette ( the one you play on) and gives statistics translated in predictions. As result it’s not a hack, it’s a 100% LEGAL software – so there are no risks for being banned.

ROULEGENIUS is a project bornt with the purpose to find out a method to win at roulette.  We studied about 100+ roulette algorithms from various platforms and created a unique software, called RouleGENIUS, able to offer winning predictions.


NO! Each our client receive a UNIQUE lincese key available only for ONE person. When you login using your license key – our system AUTOMATIC get IP of your device and in case there will be a multiple use of the same license key  – your key will be blocked and you'll have to contact our assistance for unblocking it. 

Once you paid – you'll receive your license key through EMAIL. In case you paid through paypal – you will receive on paypal email, in case you pay through credit card  – during payment you have to insert and email and on that email you'll receive your license key. 

Once you've paid – in about 2-3 minutes you'll receive an email with the license key. It need up to 3 minutes to receive your payment and once it ended successfully  – our system AUTOMATICALLY send an email to you with your personal license key. 

Yes, you can. Contact our assistance ( live chat or email: support@roulegenius.com) and refer the package you want to purchase and that you want to pay through paypal. Our assistance will leave you the paypal payment link.

Yes, it's possible, you'll have to pay a little fee from “switching” your actual package to a new one. In case you're package expires – there is no way to switch it. 

Sure. You can purchase as many as you want weeks or months license key. For every new week or month of course you’ve to pay again the license quote.

In case you purchase any short time license (like 1 week or 1 month), once it expires – if you want to get LIFETIME license you have to pay FULL PRICE of LIFETIME. There will be no substraction from the full lifetime License price.

NO. You needn’t purchase any list of numbers. If you have a license key you can use RouleGENIUS database list of numbers. Only in case you want to have higher % of winning you can write the list of numbers (For RNG or LIVE) by yourself (manually) or purchase it from us.

RouleGENIUS offers 100% money back guarantee within the 72 hours of your license key purchase.

More details on: Cancellation and Refund Policy

For getting and using software you need a LICENSE KEY. For getting one click on BUY NOW Page, do the payment and then you will receive through email the LICENSE Key.