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3 Questions about OWN database:

All the 4 questions below have been sent by one of our clients, so every time one of our clients will write us an email with at least 3-4 questions, we will try to reply through a post in order to let replies be visible to all visitors (it will improve your knowledge about how to use correctly RouleGENIUS roulette predictor).

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  1. I want to upload my own database. But a lot of casinos won’t allow spins without betting. So how do I proceed when I want to get those 600 numbers for Roule Genius Software? Bet 0,10 EUR on Red and 0,10 EUR on Black and do this 600 times?

To collect an own database you should make 600 spins at roulette and write down all numbers that come out on the roulette wheel (in the same order as you see them as winning number). In case your roulette do NOT allow you to spin without making a bet – then you’ve 2 options: first one, to find another roulette where is possible to spin without betting, or, the second option, to make bets on red and black with the LOWEST bet the roulette game allow you. Of course, if your starting budget is 20-30 Eur, and your roulette lowest bet value is 1 Eur – it’s clearly that you should search for a different roulette where to play (somewhere where it’s possible to bet with 0.1 or 0.25 Eur).

2. After I did 600 spins and noted those 600 numbers into a .txt file how to I proceed next? Do I have to leave the casino and wait 2 hours to do my first betting session? 

Yes, once you have got a database list, you should leave roulette, wait at least 1-2 hours and then come back and start playing. We remember that RouleGENIUS has regeneration properties, so once you upload a database, play one session – then you should SAVE the new database list (you can find save button into configuration panel) – and use that new database into next sessions.

EXAMPLE: You create database A, upload it into RouleGENIUS and play 1 session. At the end of session (After 7-8 minutes), you should save your new database – so you save it into your pc with the name database A_01 (by clicking on the SAVE button from configuration panel). Then, after 2-3 hours, suppose you want to play again, so you upload into RouleGENIUS software the database A_01 (the one you saved), play your session, and after 7-8 minutes of playing – first to leave roulette – you save again the new database like database A_02. In the first session you will save database A_03, on 4th will save database_A04 and so on. At the end of each session, you MUST save the new database ( because RouleGENIUS automatically add the numbers you click during the session into the database list).

3. When for example I use Roule Genius database I have to spin 10-15 times without betting and put those numbers into Roule Genius Software?

No, if you use your OWN database, you needn’t spin 10-15 spins without betting. That option is required in case you use our software databases, in order to let our software find the “best” database which suits your specific roulette. When you upload own database, our software will study directly your OWN database, so it will not search into it “memory” a new database that suits your roulette.

To understand better the question, you should understand how RouleGENIUS is working: if you set a Roulette NAME and a roulette PLATFORM from configuration panel – the software is searching from the 1000+ databases we uploaded into – the one with mostly suits your specific roulette, so by making 10-15 spins it will search the one that not only coincides with name+platform (that you set) but also have similar “sequences” of numbers. If you upload own database, then software study it your database directly, not searching for a similar one.

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