Must I play NORMAL mode and REAL money session?

RouleGENIUS gives winning predictions basing on databases of numbers taken from various roulette from a different casino.

To get a database – you should collect numbers that come out as winning numbers at your specific roulette in the same order as they are written into the statistical panel, and then write them into a .txt file and upload it into the software.

Such files (txt files) that we call “databases” – are already uploaded into RouleGENIUS. There are 1000+ different databases taken from different roulette platforms and casinos. By setting a specific NAME of roulette and PLATFORM – the software goes and searches for the right database and uses it for studying and giving you winning predictions.

Best Winning Roulette Strategy to Win Big

ALL our databases are collected in NORMAL Mode and with REAL Money, so if you want to use our software databases – you MUST play in NORMAL mode with real money (not fun bonus or fun money).

Playing in fast more or with fake/fun money – means that your roulette will use a different algorithm for calculating numbers, that will not coincide with the predictions that our RouleGENIUS software will offer you, and you risk to get wrong predictions.