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The following screenshots belong to ROULEMIND Team (actual RouleGENIUS), they can not be found on the Internet, so coping them and introduce yourself as their author is closely PROHIBITED!

All of them were won thanks to RouleGENIUS Software. For our safety the session codes had been hidden, everything else is visible so you are free to LOOK and CHECK carefully all screenshots to convinced yourself that they aren’t rigged.     

SCREENSHOT 1:Winning €1.800,00 with a total balance of €2.300,00 at LIVE Roulette Williamhill. Did you know that winnings more than €999,99 in one spin are indicated with “k”? (now finally tested).

SCREENSHOT 2: Winning of €900,00 with a total balance of €7.260,35 at RNG PREMIUM EUROPEAN Roulette (casino unknown). Screenshot sent by Carlos, Brasil. 

SCREENSHOT 3: Winning of €800,00 with a total balance of €1.600,00 at LIVE Roulette Williamhill. 

SCREENSHOT 4: Winning of €830,00 betting €105, playing at LIVE French Roulette (total balance and casino name unknown). Screenshot sent by Alain, France. 

SCREENSHOT 5: The famous 4×5 bet with coins of €100,00 at LIVE Roulette Williamhill. Those people, who have already bet on live roulette, know that you cann’t place bets if you do not have money in your account balance, fact which testifies one more time that the screenshots aren’t rigged.  bets.jpg

SCREENSHOT 6: Winning of €720,00 with a total balance of €3.660,10 at RNG Marvel Roulette (casino name unknown). Screenshot sent by Ghena, Russia. 

SCREENSHOT 7: Winning of €900,00 with a total balance of €9.900,00 at RNG Roulette IGT (casino name unknown). Screenshot sent by Noah, Canada. 

SCREENSHOT 8: Wining of €100,00 with a total balance of €500,00 at LIVE Roulette Williamhill. Screenshot sent by Marco, Italy. 

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