I WON! (Proofs)

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The following screenshots belong RouleGENIUS, they can not be found on the Internet, so coping them and introduce yourself as their author is closely PROHIBITED!

All of them were won thanks to RouleGENIUS Software. For our safety the session codes had been hidden, everything else is visible so you are free to LOOK and CHECK carefully all screenshots to convinced yourself that they aren't rigged.


SCREENSHOT 1: Account balance on WilliamHILL Casino after leaving a roulette session. Date: 22/10/2017

SCREENSHOT 2: Account balance on WilliamHILL Casino of €3,300,00 after leaving a roulette session. 

SCREENSHOT 3: Proofs that People purchase software and not only – they also leave us DONATIONS!

SCREENSHOT 4: Account balance of €3,155.00 on TROPEZ Casino.

SCREENSHOT 5: Proofs of withdrawing money form various casino on 22 of October and getting them into our Paypal account on 23 of October.

SCREENSHOT 6: Our Paypal Account Balance, amount of  €13,960.08 reached from winnings on casino and people's donations for RouleGENIUS Software. 




If you want that your winning screenshots appear on this page – please send it to us: support@roulegenius.com