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94.7% of WINNING at ROULETTE using RouleGENIUS Software

94.7% of WINNING at ROULETTE using RouleGENIUS Software

RouleGENIUS – the best roulette software predictor, not only gives winning predictions for any roulette you set into configuration panel, but also show you how high is the chance that a specific type of bet occurs. The percentage of winning is showed for each type of bet and it is NOT based on your table coverage.

For example, if you bet on 18 numbers of the 36 from the table, your percentage of winning will be higher than 50%, because the 18 numbers you cover are not 18 casual numbers, but are 18 hot numbers that usually comes out after the last number you typed into software, so the chance of winnings is much higher than betting on 18 random numbers. Just to proof that, let set that RouleGENIUS gives us 18 predictions and save the configuration. Now let suppose that last number was 17 black. As you can see – I got 18 hot numbers as predictions but the percentage of winning is not 50%, but it is much higher, because the 18 numbers you have to bet are HOT numbers, are not casual numbers. The same principle for outside bets.

RouleGENIUS – together we are stronger to beat roulette!

RouleGENIUS Roulette software is an innovative 2019 roulette predictor that gives winning predictions for ANY roulette.

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