procedure06 - #10 Login Details (Location Panel)

Tracking Winning Roulette Predictions (RouleGENIUS IP Panel)

Tracking Winning Roulette Predictions (RouleGENIUS IP Panel)

RouleGENIUS roulette software is an innovative predictor that can be accessed using a valid License key. You can get a license key for free using the FREE trial or purchasing one of our packages. Once you buy a package – you get a unique and personalized license key.

We’ve 100% copyright on RouleGENIUS software, so it is totally prohibited to share or try to sell your own personalized license. Each of the licenses we offer is for only 1 person, so in case our system detect that your license is used by more than 1 person – it will automatically block license and you will lose it forever! That is the reason why we added a login panel details, where you can see details about each login you make, so that you could see in case someone else is using your license.

If you see a different location that your own – immediately contact us and ask to change your license key, don’t wait that system block the license, because once it is blocked – we can’t reactivate it.

RouleGENIUS – one step closer to win at roulette!

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