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Procedure of using RouleGENIUS | the Best Roulette Software

Procedure of using RouleGENIUS | the Best Roulette Software

RouleGENIUS is one the most used roulette software predictor in the world. It innovative algorithm and design – attract everyday hundreds of visitators. The procedure of using software is very simple. First of all you need to get a license, you can purchase one or ask for free trial.

Once you have a license – log into software. You can’t start playing and get predictions until you don’t set a configuration, in fact- if you try to ask software for predictions – it will ask to configurate software first. To configurate software – click configuration button and set the settings that suits for you. You can use our software databases or upload your own database extracted from your specific roulette.

Check tutorials about configuration to know more about. Once you set a configuration – click save button. Now, you can start playing and get winning predictions. By clicking on the number that comes out – you will get in blue rectangles predictions for the next hot number. If there comes out 10 black, then click on 10 black on the table and you will see predictions for next hot number. If there comes out 32 red – click on 32 red, and so on.

RouleGENIUS – it’s time to beat the roulette!

RouleGENIUS Roulette software is an innovative 2019 roulette predictor that gives winning predictions for ANY roulette.

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