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Recording Feature | Innovative 2019 roulette predictor

Recording Feature | Innovative 2019 roulette predictor

RouleGENIUS roulette predictor is the first roulette software in the world that allows you to RECORD your session, send it to the assistance and let the assistance help to improve your mistake and everything you’re doing wrong so that you get the highest percentage of winning. To do that – you’ve to log into software by using your own license key, then, once you’re ready to start your session, click on record button.

The square show you that recorded started, so now, you can open configuration, set configuration and start betting. Once you end the session, first to close the software, remember to stop video and wait for uploading it to our assistance center. If you don’t wait for upload – we will get no video recording, so please ensure that you saw uploaded completed. Our purpose is not only to sell the software – but also to be sure that you’re using it correctly and have profit from it.

RouleGENIUS – together we are stronger to beat roulette!

RouleGENIUS Roulette software is an innovative 2019 roulette predictor that gives winning predictions for ANY roulette.

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