secret14 - Secret 14: Right moment Leave Roulette

The RIGHT moment to LEAVE Roulette (secret 14)

IMPORTANT: This is a partial secret revealed (it is NOT the full secret).

The RIGHT moment to LEAVE Roulette (secret 14)

What is the right moment to leave roulette and stop playing? Most of times, playing at roulette, at beginning you get some winnings and then, suddenly, you get only losses, and losses, until you don’t lose all your money. Do you think it’s a coincidence? No, it is not. Roulette is programmed to leave you some winnings, so that you continue playing, and then let you lose. The secret to win is to stop playing at the right moment, leave roulette, and come back later and win again. More about when exactly leave roulette you can find into Secret 14 of RouleGENIUS package.

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