Secrets to WIN

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Basing on our statistics and experiments, RouleGENIUS Team found out 25 SECRETS to WIN at roulette. They are not casually, so for having HIGHER PERCENTAGE of WINNING please follow and respect ALL OF THEM!

Remember that each roulette is running on a SPECIFIC ALGORITHM – so having software isn’t enough for winning if you don’t take in consideration our “25 secrets to WIN”. 

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1. How much money i have to deposit on roulette?

2. How to reach 5x starting balance in one day? 

3. How much can i win in one roulette session?

4. How important is to configurate correctly roulette software?

5. What i must do first to start place my first bet? 

6. How long time to bet same type of bet for? 

7. In case I lose, should I  double my bet? 

8. What is the best type of bet i have to bet on? 

9. What is the best secret to win using roulegenius software? 

10. How to minimize your loses playing at roulette? 

11. How much time to play during one session?

12. How long time i have to wait between two sessions?

13. What is the key to win at roulette?

14. When is the right moment to leave roulette?

15. Should I play on normal mode or fast mode? 

16. What is the hardest secret that everybody have to keep on mind?

17. What is better: LIVE or Software Roulette (RNG) ?

18. What is the best RUSH HOURS when you’ve to play at roulette?

19. What is the best DAY OF WEEK to play at roulette?

20. Which settings are the best one for getting HIGHEST % of winning?

21. When during the session I’ve the highest % of winning?

22. How to detect that the next spin will be a losing one? 

23. Have I use martingale system or ANY other system? 

24. What is the best type of bet on LIVE Roulette?

25. What is the secret to get LONG-TIME profit? 

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