02 - Small BET - HIGH Roulette WIN

Small BET -- HIGH WIN at roulette

Most of roulette players think that if you have a small win at roulette -- that is not a profit. What is actually “small win” for you? Playing from €10 and reaching €50 is it a small win? It may look so, but actually it isn’t because if we try to give a look to the statistics -- that means you reached 500% your starting balance. In other words, if you follow the same steps of betting and just use a bigger bet amount -- you could reach much more: 500% means that from €100 you can reach €500, or from €1000 you can reach €5000.

We play with low amount of money because it is easier to control yourself, that is the reason why we are showing you that RouleGENIUS is WORKING and you can reach 500% of your starting balance in only 1 session. There is then your decision if you have to play with €10 starting balance or start with €1000.

Below is the video proof:

Small BET - HIGH WIN at Roulette (best roulette strategy)

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