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Which is the best casino software works with?

This is one of the most common questions people ask RouleGENIUS assistance through live chat or email. There are hundreds of articles on the web that talk about “LIVE Roulette” as the best roulette software or about “RNG roulette” that don’t allow you to get winnings. It’s time that you know the truth and let explain it during the article …

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Which roulette can I play on?

RouleGENIUS roulette software predictor is a UNIVERSAL software, it is studying each roulette in part (through the configuration you set into configuration panel or by uploading your own database), so you’re free to play on ANY roulette you want: LIVE, RNG, LAND etc. The question you actually should make is “is the roulette on which I’m playing a LICENSED one?” …

What is the procedure of playing?

The procedure of playing is very easy: configurate software, click on last number on the table and then bet on predictions. Remember to ask for predictions after each spin, even if you bet or not.

What is software % of winning?

RouleGENIUS Roulette software predictor gives 94.7% of winning, which means the probability to get more than 4 losses in a row if you apply our 25 secrets to WIN is under 6%! If you get them – you can ask for FULL REFUND!

NO MORE than 4 consecutive losses GUARANTEED?

Yes, RouleGENIUS guarantee you NO MORE than 4 consecutive losing spins in a row if you set the right configuration (set name and platform of your specific roulette) and apply our 25 secrets to WIN that we leave FOR FREE once you buy a lifetime license.

Why is RouleGENIUS the best one?

RouleGENIUS is considered the best 2018 roulette software because it predictions are based on 1000+ different databases which we update WEEKLY without any extra fee. So having an weekly updated software means winning continuesly!

What is RouleGENIUS?

RouleGENIUS is a Roulette Software Predictor that gives predictions about next winning number at roulette. You click on last occurred number and software will show you which will be the next winning number!