Can I share or sell my license key?

NO! Each our client receive a UNIQUE lincese key available only for ONE person. When you login using your license key – our system AUTOMATIC get IP of your device and in case there will be a multiple use of the same license key  – your key will be blocked and you'll have to contact our assistance for unblocking it. 

How will I receive my license key?

Once you paid – you'll receive your license key through EMAIL. In case you paid through paypal – you will receive on paypal email, in case you pay through credit card  – during payment you have to insert and email and on that email you'll receive your license key. 

What is a level security protection?

Each roulette has into it algorithm pieces of codes that can detect in case you double and use martingale system or to detect if you used a specific roulette bot that gives predictions. If roulette detect a such case – it let you have only LOSSES. For that reason we added up to 3 protection levels implemented into our RouleGENIUS …

Can I receive team viewer assistance?

Yes, you can, only if you got ELITE Package. Once you got it, just contact our assistance ( LIVE or email: and one of our assistant will help you through team viewer to fix any problem or will show how you've to use RouleGENIUS Software and get winnings. 

Can I pay through paypal?

Yes, you can. Contact our assistance ( live chat or email: and refer the package you want to purchase and that you want to pay through paypal. Our assistance will leave you the paypal payment link.

FREE Trial problems. Got an ERROR. How to fix?

In order to try our free trial you've to download our software and unzip it first to start. For unziping you can use WINRAR or 7ZIP (both you can find for free on google). In case you try to unzip and got an error – it's fault of your "unzipping" program, so just uninstall it and download again from google. …

What is EXACTLY option?

The EXACTLY option from configuration panel is an OPTIONAL setting that offers the possibility to set a FIXED number of best that the software has to show you. Example: If you set 12 as EXACTLY Setting, everytime you will ask software to give predictions – it will show you exactly 12 numbers to bet. If you set 15, you will …

Where can I find my roulette PLATFORM?

When you launch your playing roulette – during “loading time” you should see which company created that roulette, which is nothing else that your PLATFORM NAME. In case you can’t find the PLATFORM name of your playing roulette, then choose OTHER (last option from the list) or play on a different roulette.