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Questions from a faithful RouleGENIUS visitor: Below, you can find 9 questions sent by a VISITOR, not a client, and there was our pleasure not only to reply them (to let him have a clearer view about RouleGENIUS roulette predictor), but also publish his questions as a POST in order to let all new visitors know more about RouleGENIUS. 1) …

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More about Own Databases

3 Questions about OWN database: All the 4 questions below have been sent by one of our clients, so every time one of our clients will write us an email with at least 3-4 questions, we will try to reply through a post in order to let replies be visible to all visitors (it will improve your knowledge about how …


I’ve got a license, what’s next?

I’ve got a license, what to do next? Once you got a license, it does not matter what type is it (1 week, 1 month or lifetime), your instinct, most probably, will influence your mind to open instantly a roulette table and checkout immediately how good the software is. It’s one of the mistakes usually our new clients do, because …