hqdefault 2 - €790 NET Winning at roulette

€790 NET Winning at roulette

There are more than 2 years since we launched RouleGENIUS Project. Below you can see an old video of winning at roulette with the old version of RouleGENIUS – as proof that this amazing software predictions worked since the beggining. Please note that actual RouleGENIUS software design and layout it’s a little bit different because we update software databases weekly …

roulegenius biggest winning - €3,644.40 Winning at roulette

€3,644.40 Winning at roulette

€3,644.40 Winning at roulette Winning at roulette is not easy, that’s why some players prefer to play on different platforms. Most of them play on SOCIAL GAMBLING platforms, that’s why we made an experiment. The experiment consisted in seeing how much a player that use RouleGENIUS Predictions can win in 10 days playing daily at the same time for only …

hqdefault 1 - From €8 to €110 at Roulette

From €8 to €110 at Roulette

x10 times your starting balance using RouleGENIUS Predictor One more video proof of winning 10 times your starting balance, so from only 8 EUR we reached 110 eur in less than 15 minutes. Most of times, it is not easy to watch on predictions and make bets, that’s why we often use RouleGENIUS on MOBILE, so that could get a …

hqdefault - €780 as winning at Roulette

€780 as winning at Roulette

Big winning at roulette and withdrawal proofs During the next video we tried to proof that RouleGENIUS roulette software, the best 2019 roulette predictor, works not only on casinos, but also on social gambling platforms (like www.royalbetwin.com ). There is a big difference between a casino and a social gambling platform, but that doesn’t mean that RouleGENIUS can’t beat both …

05 - Win at Roulette €118 Real MONEY

Win at Roulette €118 Real MONEY

GENIUS Predictions: from €40 to €118 EUR playing on REAL MONEY RouleGENIUS Software is used by people all other the world because it is one of the best roulette predictor that not only allows you to have an income with REAL MOney – but also to beat ANY roulette you’re playing on. Our software is UNIVERSAL (for ANY licensed casino) …

04 - From €10 to €120 WIN at Roulette

From €10 to €120 WIN at Roulette

1200% of Winning at Roulette (10 min) One more video proof about how much you can win using RouleGENIUS roulette software – the best 2019 roulette predictor for beating ANY type of Roulette! The procedure is very simple: configurate software and then just bet on predictions. More, we offer MOBILE version so that you can use it from mobile and …

03 - WIN €240 in one Roulette Session

WIN €240 in one Roulette Session

WINNING 780% of Starting Balance using 25 Secrets to WIN (RouleGENIUS) RouleGENIUS roulette software guarantee NO MORE than 4 losses in a row if you apply our “25 secrets to WIN” at roulette. This is a video proof about how you can get +€230 NET WINNING starting from only €30, by applying the secrets to WIN. VIDEO Proof:

02 - Small BET - HIGH Roulette WIN

Small BET – HIGH Roulette WIN

Small BET – HIGH WIN at roulette Most of roulette players think that if you have a small win at roulette – that is not a profit. What is actually “small win” for you? Playing from €10 and reaching €50 is it a small win? It may look so, but actually it isn’t because if we try to give a …



800% Winning at roulette in ONLY 4 SPINS! This is a video proof of winning 800% of your starting balance in ONLY 4 spins. It looks crazy and impossible – but there is NOTHING impossible if you have RouleGENIUS roulette software predictor and follow our “25 secrets to WIN” for beating ANY roulette.