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Which is the best % to bet?

RouleGENIUS is a roulette software that not only offers predictions to bet on, but also show you how much percentage each type of bet has for the next spin. This percentage value is shown for: single bets, columns, rows, and outside bet (red/black, even/odd and low/high). Most of cases this value is about 60-70%. Most of our clients ask us …

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Must I bet only single numbers?

RouleGENIUS is considered the best roulette software not only because it predict winning numbers at roulette, but also gives predictions for all types of roulette, which means you’re actually free to bet on any type of bet like single numbers, dozen, rows, red/black, low/high, even/odd, street etc. That also offers you the possibility yo apply any type of strategy you …

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Must I play on NORMAL Mode?

Must I play NORMAL mode and REAL money? RouleGENIUS gives winning predictions basing on databases of numbers taken from various roulette from different casino. To get a database – you should collect numbers that come out as winning numbers at your specific roulette in the same order as they are written into the statistical panel, and then write them into …

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How many predictions to get?

Which “prediction amount” value to set? RouleGENIUS roulette predictor gives into the configuration panel the option to set how many predictions you want to get. What is actually the difference if you set 10 predictions or set 20? Let’s have a clearer view about giving a specific example. Suppose you’re playing at roulette and you see as winning number that …

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How get PLATFORM Name?

How can I get the PLATFORM Name? First, to reveal you how to detect the PLATFORM name, we advise you to give a look to the next post: WHAT is PLATFORM and what is the DIFFERENCE between PLATFORM and CASINO? Now, once you know the meaning of PLATFORM and what actually is the difference between a casino and the platform, …

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What is PLATFORM name?

What is the difference between PLATFORM and CASINO? Most of you still don’t have a clear view about WHAT is a PLATFORM (a gambling platform) and what is actually the difference between a PLATFORM and a CASINO. First of all, let’s define the concept of Online CASINO: it is actually a company where people register and play gambling games. The …

How get NAME of Roulette?

How I get the RIGHT Name of my roulette? The NAME of roulette seems to be one of the easiest settings to set into the configuration panel, but it is not as easy as it looks to be. Into this post, we want to reveal you some extra information and details on which you have to pay attention to. First …

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How configurate software?

How to configure RouleGENIUS roulette software predictor? RouleGENIUS roulette software is one of the easiest roulette software to configure. The software has a special configuration panel split into 3 parts: 1. FREE Trial part. This part can’t be accessed by people that have a license, it’s only for new users that need to try to software as FREE Trial, and …

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Which is the best casino software works with?

This is one of the most common questions people ask RouleGENIUS assistance through live chat or email. There are hundreds of articles on the web that talk about “LIVE Roulette” as the best roulette software or about “RNG roulette” that don’t allow you to get winnings. It’s time that you know the truth and let explain it during the article …

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Which roulette can I play on?

RouleGENIUS roulette software predictor is a UNIVERSAL software, it is studying each roulette in part (through the configuration you set into configuration panel or by uploading your own database), so you’re free to play on ANY roulette you want: LIVE, RNG, LAND etc. The question you actually should make is “is the roulette on which I’m playing a LICENSED one?” …