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play at live roulette

RouleGENIUS roulette software predictor is a UNIVERSAL software, it is studying each roulette in part (through the configuration you set into configuration panel or by uploading your own database), so you’re free to play on ANY roulette you want: LIVE, RNG, LAND etc.

The question you actually should make is “is the roulette on which I’m playing a LICENSED one?” The answer, in this case, is not so evident, but it very important to find out otherwise you risk to get losses by playing an a faked roulette and then claim that “RouleGENIUS is not working”.

Please take in consideration that RouleGENIUS is a roulette predictor, so it reveals you winning predictions in case you set the RIGHT configuration, follow the right procedure of playing and also if you play on a licensed and certificated casino/roulette.

Why it is so important the license or the certificate of games? Let us explain to you: casinos are interested in letting you lose actually, in this way, your deposit – become money into their pockets. Who guarantees you that casino games are not rigged and don’t control the winning numbers at roulette or other games? Nobody, or actually – their certificate. You should search for casino that has NO control on their games, which means – casino didn’t create the games you can find on their website, so that – there exist a third company (PLATFORM) which created that games and the casino is PAYING FEES to that company to show the platform games on their website. Just to let you understand: one of the most famous casinos in the world is bet365 and one of the most famous platforms in the world is Playtech. For example, the games you can find on bet365 are created by Playtech Company, are not created by the casino itself – this means the casino can’t change the algorithm of games and influence your winnings on it.

Do you know how much casino pays to platforms like Playtech or NetENT to show their games? Do you know how much costs a casino license to testify that you’re not “rigged”? Let me reveal you: online casino licenses cost 30,000+ EUR in Europe, and a package of games from Playtech or NetENT cost more than 50,000+ EUR. Do you understand that it’s not so easy to get a license, and once a casino gets it – it can’t “trick” or fool people otherwise they risk to lose the license. As a result, you are safer to play on their website.

That is the real reason why it’s so important to play on licensed casino, not because you risk to not be paid, but because you risk having NO winnings properly.