On this page we’re going to publish proofs about: our bank/card/paypal balance account, transactions from casinos (as proof that the money as balance came from casino winnings by playing at roulette), proof of winning on ALL types of roulette ( including live roulette and RNG roulette), reviews from clients and much more.

Paypal Balance of 21.347,63 EUR
Recent transactions from some famous Casinos where we are playing.
Our Williamhill Balance of 3460,33 EUR
Screenshot of our Paypal balance about 3 months ago. We do NOT keep money into the Paypal balance but WITHDRAW them to our CARDS and BANK Accounts.
Bet365 Casino: screenshot about actual balance of 6,388.52 EUR
Some reviews written by our oldest clients. Fyodor, for example, got license 2 years ago and at beginning won about 60$, but now – from a recent email he sent to us, we were informed that his actual WEEKLY income is about 4.000,00 $
Playing on LIVE Roulette and having 1,800.00 EUR as winning (one of the most pleasant experience on live roulette during the last year).
Some of our Paypal transactions from 2017.
RouleGENIUS reached the TOP 500k Alexa rank and below 125k US Rank during 2019.

Stay tuned. Soon we will publish MUCH MORE proofs about RouleGENIUS – the best 2020 Roulette Predictor.