The “25 secrets to WIN” is a list of secrets/tricks written by RouleGENIUS Team that helps people to increase their winnings playing at roulette. We hardly recommend our clients to apply ALL 25 Secrets during every roulette session so that be sure you get the highest income.

Into the “25 Secrets to WIN” you can find details about: when is the right moment to leave roulette, how to find and skip losing spins, how much to bet, what is the best type of bet, how long to play for, when is the right moment of the day to play, which casino and roulette to play on, how often to play, how much to deposit and bet etc. Each secret has also a comment that explain why you should apply it and also a given example to understand it better. Usually, by applying the secrets your percentage of winning increase from 65% up to 90%.